Washburn George Washburn Signature Series EC-29

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description 29 (yup, 29) frets on a neck-thru construction, with Stephen's Extended Cutaway. This is a super-strat style Floyd-rose equipped guitar with a humbucker in the bridge position, and single coil at the neck. An internal pre-amp really ups the output.
Posted By Stephen Lee (147)
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On 8/14/2000, Stephen Lee (147) posted:
Overall Rating:
A good choice for any sort of music, but due to the looks it would probably only appeal to the metal crowd. I chose it partly because of the crazy look of the thing and the unusual features, but its turned out to be a good practical guitar as well. To improve on what nature intended, i recently fitted an Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna to it, and i recmmend that as well. It keeps its tuning well in both tuning positions and opens up a lot of new posibilities.
Price: $350.00 Pounds, Sterling
Where Obtained: Second-hand, Sound Control, Glasgow, UK
The major feature of this guitar is the size of the low cutaway. The 'Stephen's extended cutaway' gives extremely good access to the high frets, which in this case go all the way up to 29(!). At this point, they're really too narrow to use, but it means that there is nothing at all to get in the way at more sensible frets. Controls are a volume, tone (Pull pot for coil tap) and pre-amp knob for the internal amp. The guitar is reasonably high output anyway, but with the pre-amp up it'll overdrive the input stage of any amplifier i've played through. Pick-ups are a singlecoil at the neck and a humbucker at the bridge. A double-locking floating Floyd Rose finishes off the features.
The action was shocking when i bought it, but theres plenty of adjustments available, and it now plays really well. The Floyd rose isn't the best in the world and doesn't always return to the precise original pitch after serious abuse, but its OK. As stated before, the cutaway is huge, and for some high fret widdling this is pretty good.
Sound Quality:
As i said before, with the pre-amp up, this has seriously high output. One slight downer is that due to the very high number of frets, there isn't space to get much of a gap between the pick-ups. This means that they don't sound as different as they could. As it is, this means that i usually just use the humbucker. Less versatility, but its good at what it does...
So far, so good...