Description On-line retailer with a large selection of guitars, amps, keyboards, software, recording equipment, band instruments, accessories, and used gear.
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On 8/25/2003, Aja McCoy (1896) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like Music123 because one, they do have a lot of cheaper prices compared to Musicians Friend sometimes and against other online stores. And 2 because when you want to request a price match, they personally write you back with a response, explaining why they could or couldnt process your price match request, and what reasons prevented them ( if for some reason they couldnt give you the price match ). Compared to Musicians Friend who'd make me jump through hoops with that kind of request now. But Music123 over all is great...they have a wide variety of products and I like it because they show you a bunch of accessories that you could possibly buy to use with what youre buyin.
On 8/12/2001, John Myers (8868) posted:
Overall Rating:
I stumbled onto Music123 while doing the search for sites that would give me info on banjos. All I can say is that this site has a massive selection of instruments, guitars included. And the prices offered for them seem very excellent and resonable. I would recommend that anybody on the hunt for instruments give this site a look-see.
On 6/25/2001, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
Sweet Site. Well organized w/ good prices.
On 2/4/2001, Ryan Martin (1002) posted:
Overall Rating:
I also noticed that they have some of the cheapest prices on the net. Their site is very easy to navigate. I also ran into trouble with a back ordered item. They never called to tell me the amp was on backorder. That is really my only gripe. Items arived safe and sound.
On 1/6/2001, Nelson Carver (94) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have to say that is one of the cheaper online music stores I have seen. Its prices and quality are great. I got everything I ordered quickly, except my guitar, which is on backorder. The only quarrel I have with them is that they don't keep you informed enough when they have something on backorder. They give you a date, but it has been past that date and still no guitar. While the date is a rough estimate, they could have e-mailed me with more information about it. However, its prices are very excellent.