BC Rich Guitars

URL http://www.bcrichguitars.com/
Description Hand-made electrics, acoustics, and basses.
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Member Reviews

On 8/3/2000, Black Numenorean (88) posted:
Overall Rating:
Being a big W.A.S.P. fan I've always had a spot in my heart for BC Rich Guitars, I love seing there full line on display and some of the background info is cool, like the picture of Eric Clapton in the 70's with his BC Rich Seagull. The way all the different pages pop-up is annoying otherwise this would get a 5.
On 11/18/1999, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
This site really shows off how bad-ass b.c. rich guitars are! nicely designed, lots of info, and cool pictures (check out the custom shop!).