Ernie Ball/Music Man Axis Sport

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

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Posted By Leslie Miller (59)
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On 8/5/2000, Leslie Miller (59) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this guitar. I looked at all kinds of other guitars- from about $600 and up. I really wanted a '59 Les Paul custom, but, well, I am not rich. I play a lot of fast music, and the frets could be better for that, but the only other guitars I found with a faster neck were overall much more cheaply made. Be aware that the body shape has a big rouded hump right where your pick arm rests--that can get annoying, so play the hell out of it before you buy it. Also, be careful of the locking tuners--if they are not TIGHTLY brought down, they will back off and detune you.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $1450.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Local music store
Made in San Luis Obispo,CA. US. It has an ash body with a maple neck/fretboard (25 1/2" scale), Schaller M6-IND locking tuners, 5 bolt neck w/ truss rod, 5-way lever position switch, 2 custom DiMarzio humbucking pickups. If you wanna see pics and get more info:
The frets are high profile, so it is not a super-fast guitar, although you can get fairly low action. The finish on the back of the neck feels a bit odd at first--almost sticky. The one really great thing about this guitar is that it really is quality--it tunes up easily and stays that way.
Sound Quality:
Hell, I have a Crate digital amp and numerous additional effects. Totally clean through a clean channel with the clean amp selected, it sounds warm and bright. With the right effects and amp, you can get just about any tone from this guitar.
This axe is solid. It never goes out of tune when things are set up right. It comes perfectly set up from the factory. Humidity has little effect on it; neither do bumps. I can't tell how well it will hold up in the future, but I know I have not ever had an electric with which I have had so few problems.