Peavey Special 130

130W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Peavey

Description I paid $350, used, in Canadian money.
Posted By Kevin Kennedy (133)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/4/2000, Kevin Kennedy (133) posted:
Overall Rating:
A great amp. Good for small gigs.
Model Year: 1985
Price: $350.00 Canadian
Where Obtained: A friend.
It's got a high-gain and low gain channel, and controls to overdrive on the higher one. It comes with a pedal to switch the reverb on and off. It has a 'pre-amp out' and 'power-amp in' but don't try to use it as an effects loop, believe me, you'll have a headache afterward.
Sound Quality:
I love the way it sounds. Really fat, especially for a solid-state. It even has a fatness control!
Ease of Use:
Plug in. Turn on.
Haven't tried to throw it down the stairs just yet ;)