Speed, Accuracy and Articulation

by Vinnie Moore

Hot Licks

URL http://www.hotlicks.com/
Description Features: Advanced triplet picking on all strings in both ascending & descending forms, three-string licks, and very good description of modes and how to use them.
Posted By Stephan Mack (308)
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On 7/26/2000, Stephan Mack (308) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have a pretty old copy of this video, but it is still really good. Vinnie is great in explaining how modes work-I understand them fully now, and I have been trying to for over a month. Vinnie is also personable on this video, too. Another good thing is that he plays an example from a song of his, and he shows you how to do it using hammers and pulls. I think this is a really good video, and any one interested in shredding should pick it up!
Suitable for advanced guitarists