Sonic Jihad

by Snake River Conspiracy

(2000) WEA/Warner Brothers #9362-47383-2

Description A little bit of Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Graham Massey, Korn and Garbage (with a harder edge) embodied with feminine, Alanis Morissette style, aggresion. All backed with heavy, distorted, and quite frankly mental beats.
Posted By Kirsten Petrie (38)
Directory Recordings: Electronica
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On 7/23/2000, Kirsten Petrie (38) posted:
Overall Rating:
SONIC JIHAD: the 11 track debut album by Snake River Conspiracy (SRC) is an interesting new blend of Electronica, Pop, Metal, and Hip Hop (and probably something else I'm leaving out). I don't think there is any way the album could have been any better (maybe some more great songs). There are two cover songs on the album: The Cure's classic "Lovesong" and the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?". SRC's version of "Lovesong" is dark and sultry with a hard electronic edge. "How Soon Is Now?" is the reason I bought the album, it has an 80's poppish feel to it with SRC's own personal touch, the verses hit you hard and the chorus is ethereal with harmonizing vocals. The song "Vulcan" was used for their first single. "Vulcan" is the albums hardest most hostile song. Lead singer, Tobey Torres, spitting explatives to the beat as she calmly relates the chorus only to return to the verses with violent force. The song "Casualty" is a very illustrative song with a somber tone. "You and Your Friend," another one of my favorites, is a ballad style song with a very catchy chorus. Every song on this album is brilliant in its own respect. I personnaly have a very diverse listening range when it comes to music and SRC has a little bit of everything to keep me satisfied. I eagerly await the duo's next masterpiece.