by Weezer

(1996) Geffen

Description A more serious and bitter album than the first, Pinkerton is a very good successor to it's blue album in that it's not the same old stuff. This is an album where you can't figure out which song is your favorite.
Posted By Lee
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 12/27/2000, Joe Hamilton (99) posted:
Overall Rating:
A sophisticated pop masterpiece from an amazing group. Weezer delivers a morality through their hard rocking pieces. "Tired of Sex" describes the polar opposites men feel when their torn between sex and true love. "Why Bother" is the anguish of knowing someone you like doesn't care for you. Weezer's debut was more upbeat, while Pinkerton shows an angry, dissapointed side of them, which allows for the listener to relate and enjoy the tightness of Weezer.
On 12/24/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Rivers has knocked me upside the head again.
On 7/18/2000, Lee posted:
Overall Rating:
The band has matured, and the songs are filled even more with great distortion of the electric guitar. Rivers Cuomo is a genius when it comes to writing songs, and playing them! If any of you have had trouble with girls, not finding the right one, dumped recently, this is the album for you! That's what the album is all about. GREAT Guitar playing on it, Brian Bell and Rivers Cuomo do a fabulous job!