Fender Acoustasonic Junior

80W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Fender

Description Excellent two channel amp for acoustic guitar featuring Chorus and delay effects and both hi and lo z imputs. Good for practice or gigs in small rooms
Posted By Chester Horton (10480)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 2/18/2002, Tim Ball (2060) posted:
Overall Rating:
I also looked at Peavey's ecoustic amps and SWR Strawberry Blond. I liked this one because of the second channel (for a mic) and the Fender reputation.

I would buy this amp again if it were lost or stolen. But I'd rather get it's big brother, the Acoustasonic Pro.
Price: $405.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash Music
  • Two channels at 40 watts each.
  • Main channel has 1/4-inch input for guitar and three-level passive EQ.
  • Second channel has 1/4-inch input and XLR mic input
On the back, there are effects send and return jacks, as well as a footswitch jack for controlling the chorus effect. There is no line-out per se, but the effects send jack can be used to send signal to a PA system. Also has reverb, String Dynamics adjustment, and Feeback Notch.
Sound Quality:
So far I've only used this with a thin-body A/E (Yamaha APX-4A). The on-board chorus was at least as pleasant as the Boss CE-5 chorus that I usually use. So I was able to keep that pedal in the gig bag. I play folk and acoustic pop stuff -- mostly fingerstyle. It isn't too hard to get a pleasant reproduction of my guitar from this amp. With the level on my guitar's preamp turned up halfway, I only need to turn up the gain on my the amp's guitar channel to about 3 to fill small- and medium-sized rooms. I haven't had an opportunity to crank it up any higher or to do many pieces involving heavy strumming. So I can't report yet on how much I can crank it up before getting distortions. I found the String Dynamics knob was great for cancelling out any harshness that can present itself from the higher-pitched string when they're played with force. Before I had this amp, I would have to cut back on the treble with the 3-band EQ on my guitar's preamp. Now I can keep the higher tones I like without the harshness.
Ease of Use:
I found all the adjustments straightforward to use. The audible effect of fiddling with the String Dynamics knob is subtle, but can take a few minutes to nail down with each venue. The Feeback Notch knob works well. But you have to remember to adjust s-l-o-w-l-y to find an offending feedback frequency and cut it.
Seems rugged enough. Haven't had the opportunity to drop yet. My two-year-old has knocked it over a couple of times with no damage to the amp's capabilities.
On 12/11/2000, Bill Dunlap (443) posted:
Overall Rating:
I mainly looked at Crate and Marshall amps. I would indeed buy this amp again... maybe even the next one up the line.

This amp could use a line out. The lack of one gets bothersome for studio recording...

My favorite aspect of this amp is its simplicity. It is still pretty new, but it seems durable.

This is a very solid amp for what I do. I've even used it in recording studios once or twice. Not fancy by any means, but it does what I need it to do quite well.
Price: $420.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars
Pretty basic rig. Missing a line out to run directly to a board. Mics up ok, though. It is definitely powerful enough for the small rooms I play in.
Sound Quality:
Great for smaller rooms and coffee shops where I mostly play. I run a mic into the #2 channel and Ovation guitars into the #1. I'm afraid I don't distort or turn it up all that far. The feedback controls come in handy and seem to do quite well at the lower volumes I play at. I use the chorus at really low settings to brighten up the tone for both guitar and voice.
Ease of Use:
This is a very easy amp to use... of course there aren't that many bells and whistles, either.
This amp is very reliable for live playing. It is very heavy duty... I think. (I've already dropped it once or twice... still going strong)
On 7/12/2000, Chester Horton (10480) posted:
Overall Rating:
In looking for an acoustic amp I tried models by peavey, Crate, and Roland before settling on the Acoustasonic Jr. I like the true acoustic sound that I can get from this amp with its very affordable price. The only drawback that I have found in this amp is its lack of a line output but I have overcome this by micing the amp which in some PA enviroments gives better sound to the guitar that a direct line would anyway. True Fender quality at an affordable price.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $419.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicmart, State College, Pa
Sound Quality:
Currently I have used a Taylor 514CE and an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe through this amp. I play contemporary christian, rock and roll, and blues through this amp. In a side by side comparision I did with this amp and two acoustic competitors, this amp by far had the best true acoustic sound reproduction and the notch filter for feedback let me entirely eliminate any problems. The sound is very crisp and clean with no unwanted noise. I have not tried to overdrive the amp because for my application this is not necessary.
Ease of Use:
The amp offers a good variety of settings to obtain the particular acoustic sound you want. Once I found my settings I did not have to fool woth the controls at all ,only switch in the reverb or chorus whenever desirable. The amp also features two swing out legs that let you set the amp at a 45 degree angle for better distributiion of sound.
The construction seems to be very solid and durable.