Burnt Offerings

by Iced Earth

(1995) Century Media

URL http://www.icedearth.com
Description This is a great album from a REAL metal band. I can't bring myself to compare this band to any other. They are completely different from anything else out there.
Posted By Aaron Pellerin (78)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 10/28/2000, Pedro Werneck (463) posted:
Overall Rating:
... Iced Earth is the 2nd heavy metal band today...before Blind Guardian....why ??? well...because Iced Earth and BG don't have any hysterical singer, any guitarrist with the dream of be Malmsteen, and they play their music alive, exactly like in the albums....great....
On 8/5/2000, Tom Reitsma (21) posted:
Overall Rating:
An Iced earth masterpiece.
On 7/7/2000, Aaron Pellerin (78) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an incredible cd. I honestly can't compare any of Iced Earth's cds to each other, or to those of any other band. That is how truly different and great Iced Earth is. I don't see any way that this recording could have been better. Every song is brutal, yet beautiful. The rhythm guitarist, Jon Schaffer, is one of the best i have heard. He combines tight, bone-crunching progressions with haunting melodies worthy of a horror movie. As much as I hate to compare, I would like to give new listeners an idea of what they're in for. Imagine combining vintage Metallica, Slayer, and Iron Maiden, and turning hypothetical "Brutality," "Evil," and "Violence" knobs up to 11 (Spinal Tap style).

Standout tracks: Burnt Offerings, Last December, Dante's Inferno (a 16 minute epic metal masterpiece, based on the epic poem)

One thing I would like to say, is that this album is not for the elderly, those with heart trouble, or pregnant women. Also, any god-fearing Christians might want to skip this one as well, for every song deals with Hell and/or death and/or torture and/or human sacrifice. Not in a disgusting, Cannibal Corpse way, but in a more "literary" sense, if you will. For example, Dante's Inferno is based on the epic by the same name. Jon is an excellent song-writer, as well as guitarist, so don't worry about puking or anything.