by Phish

(2000) Elektra

Description Farmhouse the album. Recorded in the studio on the property of one of the bandmembers.
Posted By John Schell (6102)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 9/16/2001, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love Phish, but consider Farmhouse to be well below their potential. The songs are mostly 4/4 midtempo numbers with little to offer in the way of hooks. Anastasio's guitar playing is solid throughout, but not very adventurous. Phish has several albums that are superior to this one, in my opinion: Rift, Hoist, and A Picture of Nectar, for studio albums, and any of their live works.
On 6/14/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
A very good album from a very good band. This is my favorite Phish album. I can listen to it without getting bored, which is more than I can say about most studio albums from jam-bands.
On 7/27/2000, Mark Gramola (594) posted:
Overall Rating:
Nothing exceptional. Trey (the guitarist) is talented but doesn't translate well into studio recordings is better at improvising live. Some nice dobro work.
On 7/10/2000, Mike Bowie posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree. This is a guitar players album. Highlights..First Tube. Great riff, great solo. Please maintain your level of personal hygeine and enjoy.
On 7/10/2000, David Petrozzi posted:
Overall Rating:
Phish's new album, an intimate, yet quirky mellow rocker, is a wonderful tutorial for the aspiring musician on songwriting and part voicing. Each member's seemingly effortless mastery of his instrument can be heard on most tracks, and like true veterans, there is a great deal of theory gluing each tune together in a logical and effective way. The songs are immediately catchy, but their emotional depth will have listeners admiring the wholistic quality of the album in its entirety.

Farmhouse is a great example of how much the band has learned over the past few years in terms of using the studio in an tasteful and unobstrusive way to foster creativity, and further explore the many faces of musial expression.

If you like this album, I would also recommend Phish's recent releases, "Story of the Ghost" and "Billy Breathes." Enjoy!
On 7/8/2000, Dagan Harrington (705) posted:
Overall Rating:
The album is something a little different than average phish, but not much. I'll always prefer their live sound over their clean cut studio albums. Trey does some great playing on these songs, but nothing spectacular. The focus for this band is most always on the song, rather than the guitar playing. The climb and energy in "Piper" and "First Tube" are amazing. Buy it even if you DO take showers and HAVEN'T been a long time follower...
On 7/3/2000, John Schell (6102) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great album. I was not a fan of phish only because of the image of some of their longtime fans. I figured that if I listened I would have to stop taking showers and stop shaving and getting my hair cut. But because I downloaded some of their songs on Napster, I decided to buy this album. They had me from the first song. This is a great album and if I were you, I would stop reading this and go to the store and buy it.