Delta Blues

by Son House

(1991) Biograph

Personnel Son House : Guitar, Vocals
Description The complete 1941-42 recordings featuring Son at his prime.
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Directory Recordings: Blues
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On 8/29/2000, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is delta blues at its purest. Containing all of the recordings of Son House done by Alan Lomax in 1941-42, this is the only collection featuring Son House in his prime. His guitar playing was at its best on this album, noticably better than on the recordings that were made of him in the 1960s. His vocal intensity remains unmatched. The only other recordings of Son House that exist prior to the 1960s are a couple of singles that he recorded in the 1930s, which are also worth having but not included in this collection.

A highlight of the album is the sound of trains rolling by, which are clearly audible in the 3rd and 4th track and really remind you that everything is being recorded on a low-tech setup in a field somewhere. Even so, the sound quality is very good. The weakest part to my mind are the 4 tracks which feature fiddle and mandolin accompaniment -- they don't seem to be quite in tune.