Shure SM58 Microphone

Made by Shure

Description The most popular band microphone for live giging in the world. Legendary for its ability to withstand abuse that would fry more delicate gear and its distinctive upper mid-range presence that give you a consistent high quality live sound.
Posted By Rob Scholes (1356)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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Member Reviews

On 7/3/2000, Rob Scholes (1356) posted:
Overall Rating:
Over all I believe everyone should have one in their bag of tricks. I am currently useing a better mic now but at the level of playing I am at it starts to get subjective. A better singer would do just as well with the 58 as I do with the EV. This is a great mic for just about anyone in a band or solo situation. If you play out this mic will work for you.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $100.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
I have used other mics in this price range that could not get the job done. I kept playing with other folks that sounded better than I on stage and, when asked, almost invariably said "use the SM58" I have used it on stage now for 5 years and feel comfortable recommending it to any one. It is consistent, it is reliable, and you get a good sound. What more do you want?
Sound Quality:
Before I bought my Electro Voice mic I would have said it was great. Now, having heard the EV I have to grade the SM58 as pretty good but not great. Worth taking to the gig, the price is right, and it is what a lot of other players use. You can get a better mic but this one will get the job done.
Ease of Use:
Plug and play. Drop it on the floor and spill beer on it and it will still work.
This mic will probably last a life time with moderate care. Right now I am useing mine to prop up an uneaven table but I know that when I need SM58 will rise to the occasion.