Gibson Le Grand

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Premium 17" Archtop w/Sitka Spruce Top, Flamed Maple Sides/Back/Neck. Floating Pickup, Split Block Pearl/Abalone inlays on neck, headstock and underside of headstock. Gold Plated Hardware. Individually fingered tailpiece. Vintage Sunburst Finish.
Posted By Richard Couture (13)
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Member Reviews

On 7/2/2000, Richard Couture (13) posted:
Overall Rating:
The LeGrand Archtop is classic Gibson at it's best. Since the pickup in not built into the top, the acoustic tone is smooth and sweet. This guitar could stand alone as an acoustic instrument. However, the single pickup provides incredibly smooth and mellow tone perfectly suited to the jazz player. The chords ring out with perfect clarity. Even the wiring for the pickup does not interfer in any way with the acoustic tone. The cord attaches to the guitar through the back strap button therefore eliminating the need for drilling an additonal hole in the side of the instrument.

The LeGrand is also a joy to behold. The classic vintage sunburst finish with the bound F holes, Pearl/Abalone inlays, flamed maple sides & back and gold plated hardware make this a handsome, first rate instrument.
Price: $6000.00 (new)
Where Obtained: L & M Music, Guitar Galleria Chattanooga, TN
Made in USA by Gibson Custom Shop, Nashville, TN. Premium archtop, single cutaway with select sitka spruce carved top, flamed maple sides, back and neck, 6 strings, 20 frets on ebony fingerboard with Pearl/Abalone split block inlays. Also signature Gibson Pearl/Abalone split block inlay on headstock and underside of headstock. Individually fingered tail piece for single string tension control. Floating humbucker pickup is attached to pickguard to reduce feedback problems. Vintage sunburst finish with gold plated hardware. Adjustable ebony bridge with Pearl/Abalone inlays. Scale: 25 1/2", Nut: 1.687"
The instrument has an adustable truss rod as well as individual intonation adjustments on the bridge. The single string tension control on the tailpiece adds an additional level of control to the action. The action feels as if the strings are coming up to meet your fingers.
Sound Quality:
I am currently using a Fender HotRod Deluxe, single 12" speaker, 40 Watts with a Korg AX1G effects pedal. The amp provides plenty of power for the ball room dance quartet I am working with. The Korg provides various effects suchs as fuzz, wah wah and tremolo when I need them. In addition, the Korg pedal provides a power boost that is handy when the room requires it. The LeGrand / Fender Deluxe combination performs just as well on stage as when playing at home.
The LeGrand is a quality instrument built for reliability and a lifetime of use. Due to the rock hard maple neck, I have not had to make many adjustments. I live in the Northeast where the climate changes dramatically from season to season. The LeGrand appears to handle the changes well. I am the original owner of a 1965 ES175D that plays as well and looks as good as the day I bought it. The LeGrand will hold up just as well with the test of time.