by Children Of Bodom

(2000) Nuclear Blast

Description This record puts the best of the black and melodic metal together. It's got lightening fast solo's and neo-classical frases and it's got plenty of cool riffs.
Posted By Wim Deblauwe (258)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Overall Rating: 4.5 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 7/27/2001, Scott Smith (344) posted:
Overall Rating:
DO yourself a favor AND BY THIS ALBUM NOW! GO! BUYIT! NOW!
On 5/25/2001, Bryan Morrison (9786) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this Band! Ive never been able to see them live :-) they are by far the best their is. Their is really "nothing" i dont like about anything. I cry everytime i hear the solo on the song "hatebreeder". their new cd Fallow the Reaper is great too!
On 7/3/2000, Peppe Lahtinen (1754) posted:
Overall Rating:
"Speed metal" combined to the "black metal" vocals and some baroque influences. Well played but the songs are too predictable in my opinion. I dont like the "rgh"-vocals. This is the kind of music i listen very rarely but this is still very decent album afterall.
On 6/28/2000, Wim Deblauwe (258) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record is better then the first album (Something Wild) as it is longer and there are just better songs on it. It has unbelieveble guitar playing on it, but the playing always suits the songs needs. It got very good melodies. The band is also great live (see also the live album they made) and i hope to see them again soon.