by Ozzy Osbourne

(1987) Jet

Personnel Ozzy Osbourne : Vocals; Randy Rhoads : Guitar; Rudy Sarzo : Bass; Tommy Aldridge : Drums
Description The late Perfect Master of metal guitar is ulogized in this double lp by former bandleader Ozzy Osbuorne....this is a live album recorded in Montreal in December 1981, a mere 3 months before Rhoads' tradjic death in a plane crash at the age of 25.
Posted By Philip Thoma (230)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 2/7/2006, Gregory Hall (5) posted:
Overall Rating:
On 9/18/2005, Danny Olin (18) posted:
Overall Rating:
Randy Rhoads is one of my favorite guitarists. I love his style
On 9/6/2004, Tyler Mullins (142) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great live album, it's really about Randy, and it's a great tribute to him. Theres an energy in his playing that doesn't show itself in his studio recordings, Truly one of the greats.
On 1/23/2002, Brian Blohowiak (149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pretty good for a Live Album.
On 2/5/2001, Gene Randall (65) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is by far Rhoads and Ozzy at their best.Imagine what it would be like if Randy had lived!
On 6/24/2000, Philip Thoma (230) posted:
Overall Rating:
This disc is all about Randy Rhoads' incredible guitar playing, nothing else, and it shouldn't be about anything else. It is the final word on his playing, recorded a few short months before his death in 1982 in a private plane crash...this album has the best songs (in my opinion) of Ozzy's whole career...Crazy Train, Suicide Solution (with its jaw dropping un-accompanied guitar solo), Beleiver, Revelation Mother Earth, Flying High Again, etc...This is how Rock and Metal guitar is supposed to be played kids! Its all right here....awesome songwriting, classic guitar solos, everything is just amazing about it, and the best part....(drum roll) Ozzy isn't so high that he babbles in between songs!!! WOW!!!! This album is the reason why I went from being a crappy blues player to a "virtuoso". It took a total of 5 seconds of the opening track "I Don't Know" to change my life forever...all I can say is "LONG LIVE RANDY"!!!!!