Cleaning Your Frets

Description Go to the supermarket, and buy the the thinnest,lightest form of steel brillo-pad or woolite you can buy.Shine your frets with it. Use a little elbow grease and they'll look brand new.
Posted By Jonathan Meraviglia (386)
Directory Hands-On: Maintenance Tips
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Member Reviews

On 2/7/2008, Eos Phoros (6) posted:
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Never do this with any guitar. For starters, trying washing your hands before picking up your guitar. When you're done playing, wipe your guitar down with a clean, dry cotton towel.
On 6/21/2000, Rex Jones (12455) posted:
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Do not, I repeat, do not use this steel wool trick on a electric guitar as the little metel fileings can short out your pickups, second if you play your guitar your frets will be shiny anyway. and if you don't tape off the fret board you'll have scratches all over it from the steel wool."shine your frets" Dumb idea if you ask me, Good Playing everyone! Rex
On 6/21/2000, Jonathan Meraviglia (386) posted:
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This will certainly make your frets look brand new, and prevent your strings from getting grime and dust on them. Make sure you so this with the stringg off of your guitar.