Fender 70's Reissue Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Sunburst Stratocaster, Ash Body, Maple Fretboard, 3 Single Coil Pickups. Oversized Headstock.
Posted By John Schell (6102)
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Member Reviews

On 5/6/2002, Courtney Barnes (467) posted:
Overall Rating:
Here is a list of words that I would use to describe the guitar. The words are just adjectives and images that I get when I touch the guitar. I no particular order:

just to note a few
Price: $630.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
Made in Mexico 1 piece natural Maple neck (silver bulleted truss rod hex) Ash body 21 frets regular sized 6 string elec. 3 single coil passive p-u's (maybe i'll see waht my texas specials sound like in it. . .) Schaller machine heads natural finish double cuttaway big headstock and full Fender Statocaster logo tremelo bridge etc. regular tuners 2-tone 1-vol 5-way switch
The guitar right off the rack was at a perfect action, intonation, everything. I sipmly tuned it up and sounded great. I suprised myself! The neck is perfect. It was a glossy finish over it and it plays very fast.
Sound Quality:
Very crunchy and clean "stratish" sounds like the strat it is. The range of tones I am able to achieve with ease extends into every musical aspect i've ever heard. The tonal colour is there with all the pick-ups. it's just sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I omly got it 2 days ago, and I'm so happy with it that the durability is just short of forver as I protect it from any calamity that I can forsee. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 10/14/2000, Devin Colbert (20) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was in store for a new guitar since I only had one guitar for the longest time. I took a chance and was very pleased. The best aspect is the neck. I would buy another one if it was lost or stolen. This guitar is an excellent strat even if it doesnt recreate a 1970's strat exactly. Im proud to own it and I love to play it and It is extemely pretty guitar overall.
Price: $570.00 (new)
Where Obtained: music lover shoppe
Mexican built, ash body, maple neckw/ rosewood fretboard. 6strings, 21 frets. 3 Single coil Fender pickups s/s/s. passive electronics(custom added TBx tone dial for added mid range control...nice touch). Sunburst finish. String-thru vintage Fender tremolo and Fender reissue 'F' tuners.
This guitar is sweet. I was looking for a trusted replacement for my aging 1968 reissue for a long time. I read about this guitar in a Fender catalog and I ordered one on a whim. Took sometime for Fender to deliver the guitar but well worth the wait. Very playable. Larger neck radius fits my hand like a glove.
Sound Quality:
I used an old Fender Sidekick Switcher and a Fender performer 650 combo. I play styles ranging from Rory Gallagher blues rock to Richard Thompson style eclectic electric folk/rock. I wanted a cleaner more refined sound not a chunky strat sound. Surprising the 70 reissue can get that thin, glassy strat sound that I like. Only mod Ive dont is add a Fender TBx tone control dial to it(brings out the mid range...sweet) Typical 60 cycle hum but very quiet. Works both in studio and on stage.
The guitar has been more stable and consistant then some of my more expensive guitars. It hasnt needed any maintenence work at all...none. The tremolo works perfectly and the guitar is always in tune. Weather does not affect it.
On 6/20/2000, John Schell (6102) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at other guitars in this price range but I was always leaning towards this one. I think I probably didn't give anything else a fair tryout so maybe you can find something better but not for me! If this guitar was lost or stolen, I'd buy another one the same day! The only thing I might change about this guitar is the pickups. I might go with the Seymour Duncan Duckbuckers for a better sound. My favorite aspect of this guitar is how it sounded right off the bat and the way it felt under my arms. But what I really fell for was the oversized head stock with the Fender Stratocaster logo written on it. The worst aspect might be that the pickups could be a bit better. Maybe some Tex-Mex or Texas Specials considering what I paid.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $569.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicland, Lake Grove
Made in Mexico, Sunburst Stratocaster. Ash body, Maple neck. 22 Frets, 6 strings. 1 volume knob, 2 tone knobs. 5 way selector switch. 3 Single coil fender pickups. Fender chrome locking tuners. Oversized headstock.
This guitar is great. I was a little hesitant about playing another made in mexico strat after my standard strat disaster but this guitar plays like a dream. I was at the music shop and I plugged it into a fender 40watt tube amp and the guitar sang for me right there! The action is perfect. The fretboard is perfect and the body is seemingly perfectly balanced. Very little fretbuzz when I first got it, but I since had the action set up by a pro and its great!
Sound Quality:
I currently play this through a 1975 Fender Vibro-Champ all tube amp. Granted the amp isn't the loudest thing on the block, it still makes the guitar sound great. I play everything from Blues to Punk to Surf to something like Jazz and Reggae and this guitar satisfies my every need.
I've bounced this guitar off just about everything and it still looks and sounds excellent. It never goes out of tune either.