6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description Gorgeous, curve-topped bad-boy of a bolt-on. This hybrid rocks with either & both of its outputs (acoustic & electric)
Posted By Murd Kurd (40)
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On 6/21/2000, Murd Kurd (40) posted:
Overall Rating:
I started getting into hybrids after I got my Carvin AE185. This thing is vying to be my favorite instrument. I would immediately replace this guitar, were it stolen. I'm thinking about other Godin electrics, this one is so, so nice. Branch out, folks! Mad props to Mr. H for hookin' me w/ this guitar worth 10 times what I paid for it!
Model Year: 1999
Price: $300.00
Where Obtained: A kind friend
Made in Canada/US The Honduras Mahogany neck comes with a Rosewood fingerboard and features a 25" scale, medium jumbo frets, a 16" fingerboard radius and a satin lacquer finish. The Silver Leaf Maple body is covered with a Hard Maple top. It has a bass, mid, treble, & volume control for the acoustic portion, with 2 tone knobs & volume, 5-way pickup selector for the electric half. 3 single coils (Seymour Duncan DuckBuckers), 6 piezo pickups (LR Baggs x-saddle) Trans. blue glossy finish It's a Paul-like guitar, but bolt-on. Locking tuners- great.
After a set up, this guitar is just luscious. Heavy like a Paul, & somewhat like the Paul's neck. I tweaked the poles on the DuckBuckers to get more output.
Sound Quality:
I run it (the electric 1/2) through a Digitech RP21 & a Carvin 1/2 stack. The acoustic goes through a Carvin AG100D. It really sounds like a strat, & the acoustic tone is AMAZING.
I use this guitar live almost every week. No sweat. I'd take it anywhere.