Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by DOD

Description Good alround unit with valve amp models, expression pedal and lots of programmable effects.
Posted By Black Friar
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 6/26/2000, Black Friar posted:
Overall Rating:
Out off all the effects I tried this one overall seemed to be the best for around $500 Australian dollars, if you are looking at buying this one for $800 reccomended price wait for the price to drop as this is just new.
Price: $470.00 AUS (new)
Where Obtained: Venue Music - Sydney
Overall a very good unit if you are looking for new sounds for your guitar. With it's in built expression pedal you can control pitch, effect speed - depth - or mix, volume, wah wah. It has footswitchable banks that are easily selected. Runs off AC power only with powerpack provided. The delays are up to 2 seconds. Has crazy envelope flange and phazers, ring modulator, chorus, pixelator, phazer, flanger, 3 delays, 3 levels of reverb, about 8 amp simuations which most run off a 12AX7 valve. All effects are programmable and customizable easily. Only real drawback is that the Wah isn't the best and there is a small delay when switching from one effect to the next but this is only marginally greater than the delay experienced from switching from clean to dirty channel on an amp. Big plus is that you can plug 2 amps into it and use your guitar in stereo, very nice and you'll never want to listen to your guitar through a single amp again. I got mine for $470 new but they retail here in Australia for $800 ans something. For that price I think you could get something better, but at around $470 you are either looking at this one or the Boss ME-30, which has no valve. I am very happy with the unit myself.
Sound Quality:
Because of the selections of chorus and reverbs with the amp modeling you can use this unit for almost any music style, be warned though it doesn't really get as heavy as something like the Boss Metal pedal. But it is heavier than the Boss ME-30 multi effects unit. It isn't really noisy, but when you have the compression set high there is a little fuzz but then you just set the sound gate to a setting you like (goes all the way to 10) I personally really like the way this unit uses the chorus mixed with arena reverb and tricks the delay into being a kind of reverb as well, produces some really nice clean sounds.
Ease of Use:
It is very easy to use, has numbers over each effect or simulation, and flashing lights to show what you are currently editing. Very easy to store your settings. Easy to recal them as long as you remember which bank you stored it in. It has 30 factory presets and then you can put in 30 of your own. I had a fiddle with the Boss ME-30 and managed to bypass it somehow and couldn't get it back, this unit extremely easy to use.
Looks as though it could take a bit of a hiding but it is had of hard plastic with metal bottom so I wouldn't drop it to much, but due to it's size I don't think that'll happen.