Ernie Ball/Music Man HD-130

130W Head

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

Description Previously described as 212. This is the same amp in a different configuration. Solid state{IC}low level amps, but vacuum tube driver,phase inverter, and output section. Very easy to modify or upgrade,(4)6CA7 outputs.
Posted By Juan Polk (79)
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Member Reviews

On 6/15/2000, Juan Polk (79) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excellent and I am looking for another one. Mine is really modified, but the basic unit is very good.
Price: $225.00
Where Obtained: Sam D'Amico Music Store, Phila. PA
{2} input channels,solid state {IC} preamp stages Bass/Treble, and Bass,Mid, Treble Control format. Solid State Spring Reverb Circuit. Vacuum tube Driver, Phase Inverter, Output Section. High Quality,Heavy Duty Multi Tapped Output Transformer. Vacuum Tube content: 1-12AX7, (4)-6CA7 Power Tubes. Very easy to modify, low noise circuitry, power output well in excess of rated 130W rms output. Very Sturdy physically.
Sound Quality:
My main guitar is a Left handed, Twin Neck Cort Guitar with 6 and 12 String necks. It is styled similiar to a "SG" style Gibson. My performance guitar is a Left handed Fender Squire Stratocaster, Pearl White wi Maple Neck. I prefer a "bluezy" tone with clarity at high volume level. The high impedence of the IC preamps insure sufficient gain from even single coil pickups. This is an excellent amp for guitarist who use "modeling" effect units, but require a relatively clean,powerful amp to provide amplification. I have used this amp as a 'Bass" amp also. I substitute an EV 18" Sub Woofer for its cabinet. Normally I use this amp with my custom made(mine) cabinet which consist of (2) EV, 15" speakers,and High Freq. Horn unit.
Ease of Use:
The amp is basically a substitute for a Fender Dual Showman, but without the speakers. Even though heavy it handles well because the chassis weight is balanced. The sound is really good with all tone controls flat. Other users might prefer a little treble boost if speaker cabinet is a little lacking. My personal unit had been modified well beyond the original design. Each preamp includes a level limiter, and the main preamp gain had been increaced up to 20X, but is variable. The treble boost switch works well, and with that power section really cuts wood on stage
I have used this amp for 16 Years continuously, and have rebuilt it only once 8 years ago. Very strong cabinet, very "old school" manufacturer. Cover shield protect the output tubes and discourages "Tube Thieves" which are popping up all over.