Epiphone Korina Flying V

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Epiphone

Description Features Korina body, 24-3/4 scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, two humbuckers, with two volumes, one tone knob, and 3-way switch.
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Member Reviews

On 4/11/2003, Devin Clark (54) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought this off a friend because he needed cash. I restrung it lefty and play it live from time to time. I probably wouldnt replace it just because i have 4 other guitars. The body of the V shape can be a b*tch to play sitting down, but i like the freedom of the neck, the body doesnt stop you from reaching the 22nd fret.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Friend
I believe it was made in Asia. Its a standard 6 string, 22 fret guitar. It has 2 brass humbuckers and the 3 controls are one volume control for each pickup, and one tone control. Its a fixed bridge and a V body, hence the Flying V.
Its a great rock guitar, rock style. Lenny Kravitz style, Richie Sambora style.
Sound Quality:
Sometimes i get a hum from the amp with the volume of gain up. Again, good for rock. Great for the stage, especially for the look.
One problem, Gibson brand tuners are notorious for losing grip and going out of tune. Its a bit of a problem, but nothing i couldnt get over.