Epiphone Korina Explorer

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Epiphone

Description Features Korina body, 24-3/4 scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, two humbuckers, with two volumes, one tone knob, and 3-way switch.
Posted By WholeNote
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/7/2004, Lawrence Gilbey (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm very happy with this guitar, meant to buy a much cheaper one just to get started on basics of playing but it's going to last me a lot longer. The high fret problem could be solved by a guitar shop but I can't afford/be bothered to get it sorted at the moment.
Where Obtained: eBay
It has 2 Humbuckers which are fine for the majority of music I play (broad range of rock+metal). Not many controls on the guitar (just volume for each humbucker, and a "tone" control that acts suspiciously similar to a master volume. Bridge is fully adjustable for each string so its quite easy to get it set up with all notes in tune.
Generally seems pretty good, although I havent played many other guitars its certainly better than Fender Strat copy a friend of mine has got. Only slight problem is that the 6th fret is slightly too high so that if you put the action really low you can't play on the two highest strings at the 5th fret.
Sound Quality:
Sound may well be more suited to crunchy rock, although with a decent FX pedal and equalizer Ive managed to get a wide range of sounds out of it from U2 to Nirvana for example. Used with a Marshall MG amp which seems a good match.
Seems fine, nothing has worn out on me and only minimal adjustments. Not worth enough to need constant attention from a guitar tech ;)