Peavey VTM-60

60W Head

Made by Peavey

Description All tube head w mini dip switches for tonality changes. only one channel maximized for overdrive distortion.standard eq and controls
Posted By Jeremy Ledford (14379)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/19/2001, Jeremy Ledford (14379) posted:
Overall Rating:
I first heard this amp at a used store in memphis, tn. i played a kramer w emg-81's in it and this amp was by far the best they had in there. (marshalls were present) i waited three years to buy this amp when money, time, and availability were in sync. i will be purchasing more of these amps for use as power amps for my rack gear. the construction could be better using point to point constructuion and choices of internal circuitry. the tone to me is the best on the planet for the money. wish it had a clean channel. when you purchase this amp make sure you purchase a decent speaker cabinet w high quality speakers (i use a 4-12 w 2 EV 12L's and 2 EV 12S's)
Price: $189.99
Where Obtained: music go round novi,mi
This amplifier is great for the budget minded guitarist who wants an all tube amp!! 4 12ax7 in the pre amp and 2 6L6GC in the power stage. a huge plethora of overdrive tones can be achieved w the convenient mini-DIP swithces on the front panel (2 gain switches, 2 bass switches, 2 high switches, 1 mid switch, and compression switch). adding an eq pedal can even get ya to 2 differnet types of distortion channels. w prices ranging from 150 to 300 dollars this amp is a steal. and it doesnt sound like a peavey!!!! bonus. hey, u rackmount preamp freaks. need to check this out for use as a power amp since it has an effects loop between the pre and power amp stages!! warm warm warm!!
Sound Quality:
I use a peavey nitro w an emg-85. effects on the floor are a boss eq pedal for scooped mid setting and a BBE stinger pedal for leads (sonic maximizer). 2 fender (sovtek) 12AX7, 1 mullard 7025 and JAN Phillips 5814A (12au7) and sovtek power amp tubes w a hardness rating of 4. this amp is best suited for heavy metal, hard rock but can do the distorted blues quite well. not very noisy at all. the distorion is as much as a mesa rectifier but w more definition and bite.
Ease of Use:
Somewhat difficult to use considering the DIP switches but a decent sound is attainable fairly quickly.
This amp uses plastic type tube sockets but the tubes are fairly well protected. i wouldnt shake or drop it much. most used ones you will find have never been re-tubed, so get it done. it is also self biasing i.e. no bias control. uses circuit boards instead of point to point construction so it will wear out eventually.