Ibanez Rg 550 Ltd

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description This is the best guitar you can get without going into signature models. They have 24 frets, H/S/H pickup configuration, a contoured heel to play those top frets comfortably, and a low pro edge floyd rose trem.
Posted By David Birbeck (24)
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Member Reviews

On 9/16/2000, Glenn Kelly (59) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a true rock guitar in every sense, looks and sound. I've heard the only differance between this and a Jem are the pick-ups. It is fun to play and looks like a strat's evil brother. If you still have long-hair and a ripped pair of jeans and can put up with the infamous temprements of a floating bridge, more power to your elbow!!!
Price: $700.00 Pound (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar shop in Belfast
Basswood body, black with purple-tinted mirror scratchplate (v.cool),rosewood fretboard with sharktooth inlays. Ibanez v7,s1 and v8 pick-ups (H/S/H). Lo-pro edge tremelo system. A very saucey little number!!
This guitar did not come with a good set-up, which I believe is the guitar shop's fault. However, after a little tinkering and balancing of the bridge, it is perfect. The very thin neck makes playing anywhere on the fretboard a breeze.
Sound Quality:
So far I have only been playing this guitar through a small fender amp but it is amazing the variety of tones available by the pick-up selection and also the tone and volume controls. Select the bridge humbucker, hang back on the tone control, apply some distortion ......ahhhhhh..sweet!!!!
Seems to be holding up just fine......so far!!