Korg GT3

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by Korg

Description Three pedals: 'Clear', 'Crunch', and 'Lead'. One other pedal labelled 'Bank'. Knobs for Eq, Chorus/Flange, Echo/Reverb, Input and Effects levels.
Posted By Matt Myers (1827)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 6/9/2000, Matt Myers (1827) posted:
Overall Rating:
While I looked at new units like some Line6 (too pricey for a College Student budget), I'd say the fact that the guy was selling it for 50$ drew me to it. I ate Ramen noodles for a week thereafter as a result, but I like em anyway. If it were stolen I'd probably go out and buy a little distortion pedal and echo, as those are the two I use most, or I'd save up for a nice multi programmable one.. though I wouldn't buy it again because I haven't seen any out there, it's not even on Korg's home page.

Favorite Aspect: distortion/echo tied there... Least Favorite: Flanger sounds a bit tinny
Price: $50.00
Where Obtained: Bought Online
The 'Clear' pedal can be pressed for more of a chorus effect. The Crunch is like an overdrive, and the Lead Pedal is a nice distortion effect. The effect level knob lets you change how intense the setup comes through to the amp. The overal output can also be controlled to give a boost like a preamp. There is a Write/compare button as well as a little light for 'Original Value'. (still haven't figured out those last two as I have no manual for it) It is stereo capable for the flanger, though I don't use that option. I wish it were programmable, but I'm not too picky yet.
Sound Quality:
I use a homemade tube amp (sounds a little like a Champ) mostly for this unit and it does well with the chorus and distortion effects. It's suited for the heavy metal sound as well as the laid back Pink Floyd vibe when you want a chorus/echo combo. The chorus is like a Boss Ch1 super chorus, a little weak when you need that overpowered, underwater Nirvana sound. The distortion is great, when I don't want to push the envelope with my tubes and get their natural distortion, this unit gives me the feel I want at a lower volume, like any other pedal, but with no added hum.
Ease of Use:
A monkey could use this unit. It's not programmable, and easy to get a descent sound out of when you're just messing around. If I played gigs, I'd upgrade to the Ax model or better, but I like this unit compared to others I saw at the price I paid. since I bought it used though I still don't know a couple of the functions so I'll give it a 4 out of spite for no users manual :)
Well, I've dropped it before.. made out of the same grade plastic as ibanez pedals, a little sturdier though. I don't stomp on it because it's not a Boss. I've not heard of many problems with Korgs though if you treat em right.