Gibson SG Classic

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Inspired by the 1960s SG Special, original all-mahogany body, dual P-90 pickups and a bound, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays.
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Member Reviews

On 11/21/2001, Dylan Steeb (625) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fantastic guitar with a unique and tone filled sound. Anyone wishing to play high gain music with it should play it with their amp set-up to see if they are willing to live with the noise or can eliminate it. I would highly recommend the guitar, especially since you can find very good deals on them and get a great instrument for a very reasonable price.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $600.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
What we have here is a see-through black stained mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fretboard,(2) P-90 pickups, tune-o-matic bridge & stop tail piece, vintage style tuners w/ white knobs, individual volume & tone pots for the pickups and a three way pickup selector switch. The fit and finish is absolutly flawless...even the body cavaties are cleanly routed and painted.
The guitar plays effortlessly and the body stlye is very can play it for hours on end. I love the balance and weight of the guitar, it always feels just right. The action is set low and there are not any noticable dead spots on the neck, however, the upper 5 frets are packed in very close and are pretty much unusuable for me. Plays best with heavy or heavy/thin combination strings. The neck is fast, very smooth and extremely comfortable.
Sound Quality: either love em or hate em...I love them and think that they sound awesome either clean or with distortion. There is a significant noise factor with high gain (the factory should have shielded the wiring a little better) and a noise gate is must. The neck pickup has a very round and warm sound. The bridge pickup has more bite and edge. P-90s can cover tons of sonic territory and still have a sound that is just a little different and original. I play a little bit of everything and have found this guitar to be more than capable to play everything that I want and still sound fantastic. I play through a Marshall JCM900 with a Nady GEQ-15 equalizer and various pedals including a Boss MT-2 and a noise gate. It is a very expressive guitar and with the P-90s it has a sound of its own. Changing the pickup config or the volume/tone pots have quite an effect on the sound and can be tweaked for many styles. The character of the guitar has shown through well on any other amps that I have played it through.
The nitro-cellous lacquer finish is beautiful but needs to be cleaned and looked after, alcohol and other solvents will ruin the finish. The neck has to be cleaned regularly to keep it fast and smooth. The upper bout of the guitar can get caught up in the strap because of the pin location behind the neck heel. Other than that, it stays in tune well and rarely requires any attention. The headstock is vulnerable to breakage (as with any angled headstock guitar) and I have heard of people snagging their chord and breaking jack out of the body but with the care that should be taken with any decent instrument, these should not be factors.
On 7/11/2001, Brent Cushman (190) posted:
Overall Rating:
SG's are overall my favorite guitar. They're light, I like the fast neck, and this one's got a killer sound. I was thinking about getting a LP Classic, but that was just a little out of my price range. So I got this one, plus it's a limited edition. Of course limited means different things to different people. I definitely give this 5 stars.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $695.00
Excellent US made SG. Cool P-90 pickups, 22 fret, dot inlay rosewood fretboard, Gibson tuners. Heritage Cherry finish.
I've always loved the fast action on SG's. My first guitars were strats, then I sold them and got an Epi SG, later a Gibson SG, now I just love how they play, with the fast neck.
Sound Quality:
I use this with a 50 watt Marshall amp. When the gain is up, I get a completly different sound then with my SG Special, which I suppose could be good or bad, It's more of a "sticky" distortion, It's kind of hard to explain, or I'm just an idiot! Anyway I prefer this sound, that's one of my favorite aspects about it.