Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Semi-hollow body design with a laminated maple body, chromyte center block, and maple neck, dual Alnico magnet humbuckers; a 22-fret ebony fretboard with dot inlays; and gold hardware.
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Member Reviews

On 1/5/2005, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would love to own an 80's version. The difference being the trapeze tailpiece vs. a stop tailpiece and the arrangement of the pots. Other than those 2 points, this guitar cooks!
Model Year: 1991
Price: $1100.00
Where Obtained: Dealer
This is a classic Gibson Hollow body guitar but with the features of a large Les Paul. The Fusion I own utilizes a trapeze tailpiece with individual fine tuners for each string. The size and shape of the guitar is comfortable to play rock or you can sit and play jazz or blues with conviction
Sweet! The neck flows well along with the action. I love using 10's on this guitar and like I mentioned above. This is an oversized Les Paul!
Sound Quality:
This guitar utilizes a neck and bridge humbucker and is very quiet. When the neck pickup is selected, you can get that beautiful warm tone found in jazz just by messing with the tone control. On the bridge pickup, set it up to 10 and walla, you've got rock and roll anyway you choose it. Use the hollow body for feedback and you are in Nugent land, tone it down a little - Hello Duffy, clean it up some - welcome Mr. Setzer! This guitar is very versatile in its application and wonderful to play.
So far so good! I bought this used and it hangs well. The only problems I have is climate changes. I usually have to let the guitar settle in its environment before playing which is typical of semi hollow body instruments.