Gibson EDS-1275

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Two solid maple necks are set on a lightweight, mahogany body. Each features 2 PAF humbuckers and 20 fret rosewood fingerboards with inlays. Tune-o-matic bridges and vintage tuners along with 3-way selector switches.
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Member Reviews

On 4/12/2001, Bud Sloniger (166) posted:
Overall Rating:
I gotta be honest to you at the risk of sounding corny, but I heard classic rock songs played on an electric 12-string like "stairway to heaven" and "hotel california" and I wanted not only to learn to play, but I wanted on of these. It's Joe Walsh's guitar, it's Jimmy Page's guitar, it's Rik Emmitt's guitar... It's tremendously unique, and turns heads and perks up ears every time I pick it up. I have often received cheers and whistles from the crowd just by walking into the lights with it on my shoulder. My band-mates call it "my testosterone guitar". And I'll never forget playing "What Child is This?", accompanying a children's chior at a Christmas service. The mood was moving and magical. I don't play it as much as I probably should because I'm really protective of it. In later years, Gibson has only made a few hundred of them, except for the Korean-made ones under the Epiphone brand.

But man! It's HEAVY!
Model Year: 1989
Price: $1200.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Private collector
Double-necked (6 & 12), double-cutaway solid mahogany body, 3-piece maple necks, 22 fret ebony fingerboards with dual-trapezoidal inlays. Mine is "Alpine White" with gold-plated hardware. 4 gibson series-7 humbucking pickups. (2 on each neck)passive electronics, Gibson tune-o-matic-bridges. Made in Nashville, TN USA
For a 12-string? Outragously good. It's major drawback is it's weight. It's rather comfortable sitting down, but a whole 4-hour gig with this thing on your shoulder would wind you up in the massage therapist's chair for sure! It's also neck-heavy, so you have this uncouscious urge to "hold it up" with your left hand, another thing that adds to it's overall bulkiness. The six-string neck SG. Plays just like one.
Sound Quality:
It has a very bright, bouncy tone for a mahogany solid body. With one plus-an outstanding amount of RESONANCE and SUSTAIN. I use it through a Peavy Utra 410, my main stage amp, and it sounds great, 6 or 12, clean or diry, cutting or subdued.
Durability:'s a Gibson, it's a classic, it has the potential to becom a collector's item or a beloved family heirloom. You could gig with it every night if need be. I haven;t had to have it set up since I acquired it in 1993, but it's about due. No noise out of he electronics at all, stays in tune so well, I've never had to re-tune it at a gig, however, I don't bash on it like I do my main stage guitar, a Les Paul.