Line 6 Flextone II XL

100W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Line 6

Description 100W stereo combo with 2 12" speakers, 32 amp models, 16 digital effects, dual-mode XLR direct out, and is compatible with the POD sound library.
Posted By WholeNote
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 7/30/2000, Glen, Albany, NY posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall, I like this amp. I little heavy (considering casters). I like the flexible outputs thaat include line level XLR's for direct to main mixing board and for recording. A very nice package and highly recommended.
Price: $800.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Drome Sound
Nice amp with many excellent features. I like all the amp simulations, especially the blackface (fender), Brit High Gain (say Marshall), and the Rectified (hello, Mesa Boogie). Right now I am using one external speaker cab to give me more spread. This disengages one internal speaker, leaving one cranking inside the amp. Plenty of power for all my gigs. The floorboard is a must for serious performer. The tubes are missing, but you won't miss them. And all in a 50lbs package.
Sound Quality:
This amp sounds like all the classic amps and the new ones out there, including the Budda and the Dumble. I play Les Pauls and can get that nasty growl or a sweet singing sound. I have found the amp easy to set up. I play jazz and hard/heavy rock and love the verstility of the whole thing. The amp sounds like my old marshall, fender and mesa boogie.. all in one package/
Ease of Use:
It's taken a little bit to get all the settings to sound at the same volume. To get the clean to be as loud as the dirty takes a little tweaking, but with the channel volume, you can work it out and keep great tone. I also have the POD, so I sound the same at home (at low volumes with POD) and at band practice, cranking my Flex II XL.
Not sure. POD has been dropped, stepped on... and still kicking and licking. This amp should be able to take the same abuse.