Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Combination reverb and delay pedal, that offers four different high-density reverb modes plus three delay modes offering delay times up to 2,000ms. There are four modes for a simultaneous delay.
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Member Reviews

On 4/12/2003, Tithira Wijetilleke (43) posted:
Overall Rating:
I tried this and a digitech. The digitech was no match.

I liked the reverb and delay in one. The sound was good for my mellow stuff. A low delay time gives a good punch to faster riffs. The reverb might be considered cold. The delay is accurate, although, a bit of experience is needed to know exactly where the knobs should be, for the sound u want.

This unit could be better if it were possible to connect an expression pedal to control the setting easily.

At the moment, I would buy another if this were lost or stolen. Its not perfect, but it suits my needs well.

I really like the range of possibilities for a unit this size.

Remember this is a stompbox. Not a rack unit. It is also a reverb and delay in one. Dont expect a lot of control.

Is this unit worth the price? Well.. It *is* expensive. However, I dont know of n e other box that can do the stuff this does, as well as this does. So if u want it, u have no choice but to cough up the dough.
Price: $499.00 New Zealand Dollars (new)
Where Obtained: NZ Rockshops
CONTROLS (left to right): 1.FX balance (wet or dry) 2.Tone (timbre of reverb)/Feedback (repetitions of delay) 3.Relaxation time (reverb) / Delay time 4.Mode selector AC AND BATTERY POWERED However, it consumes batteries real quick, so an adapor is recomended. FLAWS: It is a stompbox. And its a reverb and delay in one. So there are limitations. There isnt as much control as u might like. The sound is very digital, so analog purists would not like this one at all. It has a high Power consumption. DIGITAL AND STEREO/MONO OTHER FEATURES: It has 11 modes. 1-3 are Delays with certain delay time ranges. 4: Delay with small room reverb. 5: Delay with larger room reverb. 6: Delay with Hall reverb. 7: Delay with Plate Reverb. Delay times are selected between 32ms and 1s and Reverb time is fixed (in modes 4-7). 8: Room reverb. 9: Larger room reverb. 10:Hall reverb. 11:Plate reverb. My fave is mode 7. Im not a big fan of the plate reverb alone (mode 11). The room reverbs arent great. A really usefull feature is that when switching off the unit, the reverb is turned off gradually, not abrubtly.
Sound Quality:
I use an Ibanez RG series 7-string. I love this unit for simple jazz tunes. For rock, it might be too digital for some. But I dont mind. I would use an analog spring reverb for bluesey stuff. The RV-3 can give you some pretty spacey sounds if thats your thing. However I use this at about the 9 o clock position of the balance knob (dry). I find the reverb more natural sounding at this position. But its all up to your taste. I havent as yet had any problems with noise.
Ease of Use:
It is real easy to figure this out w/o the manual (if your used to terms like delay time and relaxation time). However, it might take awhile to instantly know where the knobs should be to get the sound you want. The manual gives u some sample settings to get u started. Its not programable. There a lot of room to experiment. Only problem is, if you wnat to go from reverb to delay, or change the delay rime, you gutta turn a knob. But i guess thats expected.
This is my first Boss pedal. I know the reputation (they're built like tanks). I havent had n e problems with it as yet. Seems quite solid.