Boss OD-2R Turbo OverDrive

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description This pedal produces everything from slightly gritty to completely heavy metal. The Turbo circuit can be turned on by hand (on the unit) or remotely with the use of an optional footswitch like the BOSS FS-5L.
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Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 11/18/2004, Robert Prentner (47) posted:
Overall Rating:
This one is excellent for the stuff I do (Hard Rock - grunge) but for Metal I would get Metal Zone. But I think it's not about getting one pedal for everything - it really depends on what you want to play (if you wish to cover up every style I wouldn't recommend a multi FX)- it's more about quality and here's where this pedal can point. .
Price: $40.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
This nice little gem got three controls for level tone and drive plus on switch for turbo mode. It has on AC input and one battery slot.
Sound Quality:
The sound is GREAT! You know i play through an Marshall VSS 100 Halfstack and use this pedal for overdrive instead of the marshall channels - I think that says all, doesn't it? It's great for Rock Grunge and Hardrock and gives a nice overdrive if combinend with other effects (chorus, wah wah). I hadly use the turbo mode because, in normal mode it got much more deepnes and richness in the tone which is very important to me. If you wanna shred or go really metal you should better buy the Metal Zone or DS 2, but for Rock - Hard Rock this one's the one you need
Ease of Use:
It's maybe the most eas to use Boss pedal I've had. Just turn the level where you want it to have and then adjust the tone and distorion abd there you go
Well it's a BOSS that says all (you could use it as a hammer or play football with it an it would work properly)