Boss GT-3 Guitar Effects Processor

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by Boss

Description Sturdy, compact pedalboard with 32 onboard effects -- including preamp, new Auto Riff, Acoustic effects and a Pickup Simulator.
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Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 6/20/2000, Sutton Reid (474) posted:
Overall Rating:
This kind of product is the future of guitar amplification, IMO. The amp simulation is SO good on this guy, that I don't think I will ever own another real preamp again. It's that good. When you consider everything that it does and how well it does it, the thing is almost free! To help you with this idea, I bought an MXR flanger in 1977 for $225, because I didn't want to spend $1000 for the Ibanez. I think a Honda Accord sold for about $4000 at the time, so you get the idea.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $391.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
It has just about every effect you would ever want, programmable effect chain, midi in/out, external hookups galore, built in pedals, hookup for more external pedals. Speaker and mike simulation. Stereo and mono operation. I opened it up and it is very simple. The signal goes in, get's converted to digital, get's processed by the onboard computer, gets converted to analog again, and goes out the output. The only exception is if you use the external loop, in which case it goes through an extra digital>analog>digital conversion. Everything that this unit does is done in software...
Sound Quality:
Use a strat with VanZandts, use a strat with EMGs, and an Ibanez 12 string with humbuckers. Use with two combo amps or straight into the PA. When recording, straight into the board. I can't imagine anyone not being able to use this guy for whatever... It's not the best at everything, but has no bad habits, shines in other areas, and is really versatile.
Ease of Use:
This is a tough one. It's easy to use if you are satisfied with the factory presets... But if you were to go out and buy a dozen amps and a dozen effect units that you could hook up any way you want, would you really expect to build Rome in a day? Having said that, it is fairly easy, once you are familiar with it and it is fairly easy to learn, for a computer device. There is some really good, free software available on the web, too, for hooking up the GT3 to your computer. The software allows you to do backups/downloads, swap patches, e-mail sysex files to other users. Good web community support, too.
Built to last. Has the inline "wal-wart" power transformer. The GT-5 has a totally built in power supply and normal power cord and would prefer this kind of setup, but not enough to spend the $200 difference for a GT-5.