Hobner H-265

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Hobner

Description This guitar looks like a circa 1950's-1960's, but it isn't. It has an adjustable bridge by dials. It has a large body with a cutaway to the 17th fret. It has two f-holes, and old fashioned tuning pegs that screw in to the back.
Posted By Matthew Woodin (12)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 6/2/2000, Matthew Woodin (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would definitely try to find another, but I've never seen them anywhere but in this shop in India. I could never replace the sentimental value anyway
Price: $1500.00 Indian rupees (new)
Where Obtained: Some music store in Bombay, India
I believe that it maed in Germany. The materials, I am no expert in identifying, so I won't pretend I am. It is a 6 string with 25 frets. It has a natural finish of a light wood on the front and dark wood on the back. It is cut away on the lower side. The bridge style is strange. There is a metal fan (for lack of a better word) that strings pull through, about 3 inches behind the bridge. On the bridge they are tension held on small grooved plastic tabs.
Sound Quality:
This guitar has a very twangy sound that is excellent for a real bluesy sound. If you want a rhythym part on the louder end of acoustic (power chords or something) it is great for that too. To play a classical piece, not so good.
This thing does not go out of tune. With temperature changes in upstate NY (-20 in the winter to 105 in the summer) it holds true. When my friends come to jam on the weekends they pull out the tuner and my Hobner (affectionately known as Hobbes) is always still on the mark from the week before. About every six months or so, if I have been playing the other guitars a lot, I will need to adjust the bridge. It will drop on the high end, and leave some dead strings, but other than that it's great.