The Eric Johnson Web Site

Description Official Eric Johnson website with articles, interviews, discography, photos, MP3s, and more.
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On 3/8/2002, Robert De Groot (4781) posted:
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The Eric Johnson Web Site

When one first goes to the site, a sincere apology letter written by Eric himself pops up on your screen, impressively showing his deep concern that a re-mix of his first solo album Ah Via Musicom was just released, without his knowledge and without the knowledge of the engineer or his manager. Fortunately, Columbia has agreed to allow him and the original people who worked on the album to do another re-mix. He gives a lengthy description of what was wrong with the unbeknownst re-mix and assures his fans that the forthcoming re-mix will be of much greater quality.

When going to the site itself, there are many links to other sites, and many interesting pages within the site. A detailed description of the equipment he uses is given - the most exciting to me. He generally uses Fender and Marshall amps and an echoplex, all of which are quite old, regarding what is on the market nowadays. Aside from the usual types of pages you would expect on the web site of a musician of his caliber, my favorite page was a picture of his echo gear. There is no worst page.

Overall, it is an excellent site to visit to learn more about how he gets the unique sounds he produces, and the gear utilized by him, including his guitars.