Korg DT-3 Digital Tuner

Made by Korg

Description A sleek silver-grey unit with calibration facilities.
Posted By Sam Williams (104)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 5/27/2000, Sam Williams (104) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you take really good care of this unit, it will give you no problems. And it does the job SUPERBLY well... I just wish it could be built like a Morley wah pedal.
Where Obtained: Fox's Music, Lincoln, England
This chromatic unit really does have everything you could expect from a decent tuner. As well as the standard input and bypass output jacks, there's a DC input for mains operation and a feature which allows you to calibrate the tuner. One use would be if there were a slightly out-of-tune piano in your rehearsal group - you could use the Korg's microphone to calibrate to that, then plug in and tune the guitars and bass. Saves a few headaches. The multi-LED display is a piece of cake to read, although in very bright environments the sharp light is hard to see. This has resulted in a few embarrassing moments at the start of a concert for me, but it's a very minor point. The only other thing lacking is a set of rubber non-slip feet - the unit tends to be dragged off surfaces, especially when plugged into a heavier cable like a Whirlwind. That said though, this is a Rolls-Royce of a tuner. There's even a little flip-out stand for easier reading when seated!
Battery life is excellent thanks to the energy-efficient system. A maximum of four LEDs are powered at once, so you can imagine how little current is being sucked there. However, I have real problems with the durability of this unit. A tuner has GOT to be engineered to withstand hitting a hard floor at its terminal velocity. I'm not kidding, and I don't think it's over the top... I dropped my DT-3 once from roughly one metre and now it has a strange quirk of not coming on sometimes until given a firm rap on the front with the heel of my hand... It's controllable but very annoying when I give the tuner to other musicians to use and they can't get it to activate! POOR.