TransPerformance The Performer

Made by TransPerformance

Description The Performer is a computer controlled mechanical tuning system installed into the body of the guitar, that actually adjusts the tensions of the strings.
Posted By Bryan Johnson
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On 5/26/2000, Bryan Johnson posted:
Overall Rating:
I work for TransPerformance making these sytems so my opinion is somewhat biased but I also own one and play it every day. It is the most inovative accessory for guitar players since the invention of the electric guitar.
Price: $2600.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Direct from TransPerformance
The sytem can tune to over 20,000 tunings. You can control it with a programmable footswitch. Strings can be individualy temered to suit the guitarists tastes. It is the only system on the market that allows the artist to change tuning while playing.
Jimmy Page has used his sytems for over 10 years with very little problems.