Takamine EF-349


Made by Takamine

URL http://www.takamine.com/
Description I have a 1984 non-cutaway acoustic-electric from Takamine.
Posted By Erik Shilling (112)
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On 5/22/2000, Erik Shilling (112) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think I found a great deal for $350 on this guitar. I play live amplified on a stage 2-3 times a week, so I needed a quality acoustic-electric. I would've desired a cutaway model, but this was a great deal so I had to jump on it. I would suggest picking one up if you ever find one out there.
Model Year: 1984
Price: $349.00
Where Obtained: Akron Music Center, Stow, Ohio
For 1984, this guitar has great features in regards to acoustic-electrics. It has an onboard EQ with active bass, treble, and gain controls. It has a mahogany body with a beautiful finish. It has a rosewood 21-fret neck.
This guitar has very excellent playability for an acoustic. Usually acoustics have high-action and fat necks, but this one is just the opposite with low-action and an ultra slim neck. Great feel when playing.
Sound Quality:
Great projection even when not amplified. I was pleasently surprised when I picked up this guitar how nice it sounded. The built-in piezo pickup system sounded very brassy when I first plugged in, but with a little EQ adjustment that problems was quickley solved. Very Real sounding pickup system.
I am not yet sure on it's durability, but it seems pretty solid.