Mystery White Boy

by Jeff Buckley

(2000) Columbia

Description Live ('95 - '96)
Posted By Andrew Hush (76)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 10/2/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
A glimpse into what it was like to experience Jeff Buckley live, before his untimely death. Wonderful album, one of the best live albums i've heard!
On 7/13/2000, Craig Smoot (906) posted:
Overall Rating:

Jeff Buckley lived and died by the philosophy that "The Moment Is King!", and this live body of work is a wonderful tribute to Jeff and his everlasting beauty mark on the oft-ugly face of music.

I have to admit that I was hesitant to buy this album at first for fear of being let down as I have been with many live recordings from various artists over the years. You gotta understand that Buckley's "Grace" album has risen in the ranks of my long list of personal faves to become one of my "Desert Island Discs", so needless to say he's right up there with the greats like Stevie Wonder, Elton and Sting in my book. So, fearing that my image of this musical genius would be shattered upon hearing a poor live effort, I thought twice about it, but bit the bullet anyway and bought it. Much to my sheer delight what I have found is a true gem amongst live albums in general, but even moreso because it captures the very essence of what the man was all about...the "Moment".

Jeff Buckley seized the moment unlike any performer I've ever had the pleasure to hear. Shifting mood and energy on the fly like a chameleon changes colors in relation to it's environment, Buckley and Co. take the listener along on their transcendental journey into the live unknown. The album I bought included a bonus Aussie disc with incredible renditions of "So Real" and "Lover, You Should Have Come Over", but the main disc captures some of the most incredible-sounding and inspiring live work these ears have experienced. Like the album's liner notes point out, Jeff was master of the moment, so if the muse struck him to take one of his songs in a totally different directionlike on the balls-out rocker, "Eternal Life"Jeff would lead the way and the band instinctively followed right along as if they were all sitting in the sidecar of the motorcycle Jeff was recklessly driving albeit so beautifully. It is said that he rarely performed a song the same way twice, and just by that alone proves the man had the stones to hang with the best of 'em. Simply put, Jeff was cut from a different cloth than the rest of us mere mortals, and this album will be an immortal testament to that for generations to come.

If you're an aspiring singer / songwriter / performer then any of Jeff Buckley's work should be required listening before gaining passage to that "next level"think of it like "course curriculum" in order to graduate with your Masters degree. So buy this album if you are a musician or music lover looking to be moved and inspired, but if you're content in not knowing what you're missing then don't worry about it. Some folks say "Ignorance is bliss", but I for one am thankful that I chose to follow my instinct and discover the genius that is Jeff Buckley, for my musical life and my life in general is so much richer now that I have.  So to any subscribers of that philosophy I refute by declaring in this case......"Experience is bliss!"
On 6/2/2000, Adam George (1631) posted:
Overall Rating:
Jeff Buckley's music was all about emotion and passion. It was his live performance's that could give his music something that the studio couldn't, and if you've ever heard his music live, or been lucky enough to have seen him, you'll know what I mean.

Highlight tracks include: (IMHO)
1. Dream Brother
2. Mojo Pin
3. What will you say

A very solid live CD
On 5/13/2000, Andrew Hush (76) posted:
Overall Rating:
A brilliant glimpse into live performances of Jeff Buckley and his band.