Fender Vibro-Champ

Made by Fender

URL http://www.fender.com
Description Fender 1975-79 Fifteen watt tube amp. Classic fender design. Two instrument inputs. Basic control knobs, volume, bass, mid, treble. Also has vibro control knobs, speed and intensity.
Posted By John Schell (6102)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/27/2000, John Schell (6102) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very good amp. I recently saw one in a guitar shop and they wanted about $250 for it. If you have the chance to play one of these little amps, go for it. It will surprise you how it sounds.
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Free from a friend
This is a tube amp, so of course you get that tube tone. It also has two knobs that control the vibro effect. I guess if you wanted to have some sort of weird vibro effect going it would be cool, but I really haven't found any use. But thats only my opinion. Someone saw a need for it.
Sound Quality:
This amp kicks...The sound quality is excellent even with a distortion pedal and a chorus pedal plugged in. This is a perfect practice amp.
Ease of Use:
Well it only have 6 or 7 knobs so it really easy to use.
I don't know the exact age, but I'm sure its been around the better part of 20 years. This amp still looks and sounds brand new.