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Description Cremers sell some new guitars and things,he also has some used guitars and amps, he can get you almost anything in the world of music, but he mostly repairs, customizes, and sets up guitars.
Posted By Rex Jones (12455)
Directory Tech/Services: Repair
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On 4/26/2000, Rex Jones (12455) posted:
Overall Rating:
There must be 2 dozen music stores closer to me than Cremer, but Cremer Guitar is where go! I drive over 40 miles to go to Cremer, and I have waited up to 9 months for him to finish a custom guitar for me. But the end result is worth the wait, and he is a joy to do business with. Talented, honest, softspoken, knowledgable, and a marvel with guitars! Some of you say you can't find someone to setup your guitar, or change pickups, or do great fret work, or give you good advice instead of trying to just sell you what you think you want. "Rick" is the man you want to know! He is slow, but does great work. Shairing him with you took alot of soul serching on my part, he's plenty busy already! but some of you live in remote places, and don't know where to find a full service guitar repair shop that won't screw you! mention my name if you call, (630) 897-0006 He helps with my charity thing, and he'll know what you mean! "Rex from medtar" Good Playing!!