Mesa/Boogie Tremoverb

Made by Mesa/Boogie

Description 100 watts, all tube, 2 channels, channel cloning, tremolo, reverb, ect
Posted By Daniel Barker (63)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 4/17/2000, Daniel Barker (63) posted:
Overall Rating:
if you dont mind carring it, and you dont mind sittin with the manual for a while, then this amp will give you ANY I mean ANY tone you could want, will be the work horse in my rig for years to come!

p.s. If I confused anyone on any of the features ( which I probably did ) or if you have any questions I'll be happy to help!
Model Year: 1998
Price: $1699.00 (new)
Where Obtained: MATTS MUSIC massachusetts
where to start!!! well you got 2 channels vintage and modern, on the vintage channel you have a switch to select between "clean" and "vintage high gain" and on the modern channel you have a switch to switch between "blues" and "modern high gain" you also have channel cloning so you can have 2 vintage channels 2 modern channel or 1 of each ( hope I didnt confuse anyone on that), you also have a tremolo that you can asign to either channel, and the fx loop on this thing RULES!!! its channel selectable so if you only want to use it on one channel you can select wich channel and it will only be active when you are using that channel ( it also works like any other fx loop ) I've found this a great feature and wish all my amps had it!
Sound Quality:
the only reason I give this a four is I feal the clean channel lacks a little..... what I mean is a high volume its hard to keep it clean ( typical of high gain head at high volume ) but thats fine with me anyway because I use my jc-120 for my cleans anyway but otherwise this amp sound wise is 5s all the way! does the blues nicely all the way up to high gain death metal
Ease of Use:
!WARNING! THERE IS A WHOLE LOT OF FREAKIN CONTROLS ON THIS THING!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOX AND HAVE THE PERFECT TONE KINDA THING, granted I dont think theres a bad sound in it but be prepared to sit an read the manual and play with it for a good while
built like a tank ( and weighs about as much )Durability is somthing you should never have worry about with a MESA and if you do have a problem or question there tech support is world class!