Brazilian Guitar Book

by Nelson Faria

(1995) Sher Music #1-883217-02-4

Description Book and CD covering Samba, Bossa Nova, and other Brazilian Styles
Posted By Daniel Seaton (1582)
Directory Books/Tab: World
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On 4/15/2000, Daniel Seaton (1582) posted:
Overall Rating:
The book starts off with a picture and text history of Brazilian guitar. Then moves into the first of many examples and musical variations of Samba to Basa Nova and everything in between. The tab and notes go along great with the cd. It is very clear and easy to understand. The only complaint was that some of the more complacted examples could have been played a little slower at first on the cd. The glossary, discography and bibliography were a added plus. I have been able to use most if not all of what I have learned form this book in other styles of music.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists