Elixer Elixer Standard Light

Made by Elixer

Description New strings out on the market, and they're really fast to play on because the polyweb coating.
Posted By Aaron Plath (18)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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Member Reviews

On 8/9/2001, Paul Hachem (303) posted:
Overall Rating:
These strings are pretty cool. They have what's called a PolyWeb coating, which is supposed to make the strings last a lot longer. Mine did, but not long enough to warrant paying the ridiculous price they want to charge for them. They do sound really good, though. Buy them if you're a pro or a millionaire, if not, hell, give 'em a try anyway.
Price: $28.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Saied Music
On 4/11/2000, Chester Horton (10480) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like the Elixirs for many diferent reasons, easy on the fingers , less string "noise", extended life, easy to maintain. The only seeming drawback is the price but when the durability of the strings is taken into account compared to other quality strings they are cheap in the long run. For occasional players , a set of these may last a lifetime......
Price: $15.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Mart, State College , Pa
The coating on the strings may be the best thing to happen to guitar strings yet
Sound Quality:
The strings have a bright sound not just when new but for long after others have lost it
Outlast 3 or 4 sets of Martin SP's
On 4/7/2000, Aaron Plath (18) posted:
Overall Rating:
These are great strings to play with however they are pricy so I would try them out first.
Price: $27.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Joel's Guitar Shop
They are very nice to play on, and have a very good qualities,
Sound Quality:
The sound is really nice thanks to the construction job.
Because of the Polywd coating, the strings are supposdly longer lasting