Carvin SC90S

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Carvin

Description A beautiful single cutout solid body (generally similar in style to a Les Paul, except thinner & lighter) with dual humbuckers...but has a sound of its own. nice feel and playability, and a real looker.
Posted By Ward Moeller (4849)
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Member Reviews

On 4/3/2000, Ward Moeller (4849) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this guitar is an excellent value. where else can you get a USA-made, custom ordered, wonder of craftsmanship, with top notch features, unique wonderful sound, and gorgeous appearance for well under $1000 ? if you want to blow $300 more, you can go for their beautiful flame or quilt-topped body. but even my greenburst is beautiful...the catalog pictures do not do justice to how lovely this guitar looks, and it is fun to play.

if you're looking for a unique quality instrument annd don't want to break the bank...check out Carvin.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $669.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Carvin - direct
Single cut out, maple neck through mahagony body, ebony fretboard (15"-radius) w/24-frets and dot markers. dual Carvin C22 humbuckers, tune-o-matic bridge, stop tailpiece, pickup selector on top of body, rounded body edges, sperzel locking tuners, coil-splitters, volume/tone knobs. greenburst color (emerald green fading to black on the edges). comes with hard shell case. .009's standard.
Great feel. body is thinner and lighter than a Les Paul or some strats. body may be slightly on the small side, but i love the feel. fretboard is wonderful, action is great. the neck-thru body design creates a wonderfully smooth neck heel that makes playing up to the 24th fret effortless. allcontrols within easy reach.
Sound Quality:
A chracter of its own. the C22 pickups have 11 pole pieces on each coil, creating a wide magnetic field allowing string bends with no loss in signal. i find the sound generally bright, crisp, but with a nice bottom-end. the neck p/u is nice and full, but not too bassy-doesnt get muddy. the middle position is nice and full, bright. the bridge p/u is bright but not too harsh. and rolling back the tone a little can even take the sound intoa bright jazzy sound. the volume and tone pots are 500k & so are very responsive. when your amp is cranking, you can get subtle tone changes with small adjustments to the pots. i opted for the coil splitters-which is where the fun begins. two mini-toggle switches (which replace one volume and one tone knob) can split the humbuckers into single coils. and you can choose various combinations. whereas a Les Paul gives you 3 p/u spots, a Strat gives you Carvin gives me 8 pickup configurations! and the tones do vary. the single coil sound is definitely a bit m
Solidly and expertly constructed. i do not expect any problems with it.