Around the Fur

by Deftones

(1997) Maverick

Personnel Chino - Vocals; Stef - Guitar; Chi - Bass; Abe - Drums
Description The second release from the Deftones, Around the Fur is heavy yet melodic metal collection.
Posted By Anthony Hunt (55)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Overall Rating: 3.6 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 3/12/2003, Dave Fischer (54) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record isn't nearly as good as Adrenaline is. The only way this record could have been better is if it was another Adrenaline. This isn't very suprising when you consider the lack of talent in the band members. This record does have its merits though. My favorite spot in this record is on the track MX where it has that nifty riff with Max Cavalera doing guest vocals. The worst aspect of this record is that is that it seems to drown in self pity. The guitar playing is below par compared to their first album, and downright sad compared to other bands. This is a decent record if you're looking for a depressing moody record, but there a bunch of much better choices.
On 3/30/2001, Tad Green (561) posted:
Overall Rating:
It's not a bad cd.
On 2/11/2001, Erich Bailey (115) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was a great record,but it was lacking the power of they're first cd.They should have stuck with the original sound.This record was the begining of the deftones selling out.I like the dropped-d songs but the deftones dont really have alot of talent.good but not their best.
On 7/18/2000, Joe Bogstie (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
Around the fur is the kind of great album that's so good, it scares the s--- out of you. Need i say more!
On 3/29/2000, Anthony Hunt (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
This CD is without a doubt my favorite. I regard it as the best release from any band that I've ever been a fan of. The vocals are intense and emotional, and the lyrics are original and intriguing. The guitar is somewhat droning, but very melodic. All the songs have a real natural and lively flow to them. I highly recommend this CD to anyone.