Reinventing the Steel

by Pantera

(2000) Elektra

Description A total domination of nonstop power from the boys from Dallas
Posted By Keith Hart (82)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Overall Rating: 4.9 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 5/6/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is straight energy and anger so if your not p---ed of when you put it in, you will be when it comes out. DD is the man once again.
On 5/5/2003, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
I give it a 6. If you like metal, you better get off your lazy butt and buy this cd right now!!
On 10/28/2000, Jason Tafilowski (1468) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was just takin' a look at these guys reviews and they're right its a real ball bustin' album. If you like Korn or Limp Biskit ya better stay behind because this isn't for you, but that aside a real cool album, no Cuban suits and cigars and short hair they stayed true to their roots.
On 8/27/2000, Cary Frick (3578) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album kicks ass. Another well made Pantera album is what everyone wants for Christmas! lol Start to finish, this record kicks ass!
On 4/9/2000, Jeromi Birtikidis (11) posted:
Overall Rating:
this band gets heavier with each outing but stays true to its fans... if you are a metal fan then you must buy this disc!!!
On 4/3/2000, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
Holy s---. They just get harder and harder. I've made it a life goal to see these guys live.
On 3/29/2000, Gregory Sawicki II (11) posted:
Overall Rating:
Look out !!!!! Pantera's back again and kickin' more a-- than ever on this one boys.
On 3/28/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm speechless. This is the hardest CD to come along in a while. All I have to say is, "ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!". I cant stand this backdoor boy and nsuck crap anymore. THANK GOD FOR ROCK!!
On 3/21/2000, Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes (304) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album has some of Pantera's most rocking music ever. They really outdid themselves this time! Vinnie has some great bass drum parts that are synchronized with Darrell's awesome riffage to make some of their heaviest music, while still being quite fast. Darrell came up with some awesome riffs here, much in the vein of Where You Come From, heavy and fast. Phil's vocal lines fit in well here; he did a good job singing. I didn't get to hear too much crazy stuff this time from Rex, but the music had a huge "umph", largely thanks to him and Vinnie. This one beats out all their previous albums (even FBD), you owe it to yourselves to check this one out!
On 3/21/2000, Keith Hart (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you like power groove Kick Your teeth in and Screaming Guitar solos this is for you. Pantera's new album is a ol fashioned metal up your a-- bruiser. Chaulked full of killer rhythms and some of the best whammyfied solos out there as wellas a really cool blues metal solo thrown in for good measure--AKA Dimebag's signature tones and style really shine through. This album has the grooves of Vulgar, riffs off F.B.D. classic lines of Cowboys and the fury of Trendkill. But what do I know I am a Pantera Freak.