DOD FX75-B Stereo Flanger

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by DOD

Description Flanger pedal with controls for Width, Speed, and Regeneration
Posted By Michael Kurczewski (339)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 4/21/2000, Luke Mergner (303) posted:
Overall Rating:
Its good if you want to see what a flanger sounds like. It is certainly not top of the line, but it has changed how I play my guitar.
Price: $25.00
Where Obtained: Atomic Music (College Park, MD)
On 3/16/2000, Michael Kurczewski (339) posted:
Overall Rating:
Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to play around with this pedal and get it's full capabilities, but I have tried it out playing some Nirvana (Kurt uses a flanger on the Teen Spirit solo) and Chris Cornell (Can't Change me) and it sounds pretty cool. I imagine that you could recreate Eddie Van Halen's flanging (brown) sound quite well, given this pedal and a similar setup.

If you turn up all the controls as far as they go, you can get some really spacy like sounds that are very strange and nothing like you'd expect from a guitar except if that guitar was from Mars or if Jimi was playing it. Turning the controls halfway or so, will get you that whooshing jet plane sound that flangers are known for. All in all, it's a very interesting pedal and fun to play around with.

Recently, DOD has upgraded this pedal and now call it a FX 747 Supersonic Flanger or something like that.
Price: $25.00
Where Obtained: eBay auction
Controls for Delay, Speed, Width, and Regeneration
Sound Quality:
Sounds fine to me...I haven't played thru another brand of flanger so I can't compare it with a Boss or MXR. Can be played in stereo through 2 amps but I haven't tried that either.
Ease of Use:
You really need to take the time to play around with all the dials to get what kind of sound you're looking for.
The battery covers on these always seem to be missing when I'm looking for used ones, but that's alright by me. Like all DOD pedals, it's made to be stomped on repeatedly.