Live At The Greek

by Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

(2000) Music

Description This is a damn good raw live CD! Jimmy and the Crowes are at best. Heartbreaker has a great solo and the Album is blues to the ear! FIVE STARS! *****
Posted By Shawn Goodwin (46)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 2/4/2001, Ryan Martin (1002) posted:
Overall Rating:
Recorded in October of '99, this album is a must. Jimmy Page shows he is still a guitar god, and Chris Robinson does a great job job on lead vocals. Of the twenty tracks, fourteen are Led Zeppelin covers. My favorite track is Ten Years Gone. The cd is also enhanced for a great multimedia presentation on your PC.
On 1/31/2001, Kevin Miller (6) posted:
Overall Rating:
Jimmy Page has proven at age 57 he is still the best Guitarist ever.....Just listen to heart breaker.
On 7/13/2000, Jon Allen posted:
Overall Rating:
Stunning. A Tour De Force. A Steamroller. A bargain at 10 times the price!!

I cannot say enough about this recording. First, from the standpoint of the audiophile, the recording quality is outstanding, one of the very best I have ever heard. The bottom end of it will shake your liver. Secondly, for anyone captured by the overwhelming power of a live Led Zeppelin performance, this will instantly take you back 20 years. Amazingly, Jimmy is absolutely spot on every one of these tracks, and because the Black Crowes is a band he obviously finds worthy of the honor, he's taken the lads under his wind and said, "...lemme show ya a thing or two..."

I may be wrong, but I suspect Pagey dusted off the '58 Les Paul and used it here, because during the solos, the single notes sound so full and ballsy. And then, he nails each and every one of them to the deck. All of you over 40...this will bring a full grin to your face.

If you know what it meant by the phrase, "...the power and the glory which is Led Zeppelin", this is gonna rock your world. Buy this recording. Possess it at all costs. Trust me on this one.....
On 3/10/2000, Shawn Goodwin (46) posted:
Overall Rating:
This Live CD is raw guitar and blues! With Jimmy on Guitar and Chris Robins on vocals and his straining voice can't be beat! The CD has great mind altering solos on Heartbreaker and the old Willie Dixon tune You Shook Me is just SMOOTH! It is a well played set and worth getting for the true Crowes and Page listeners! Oh Yea the LEMON SoNG is to great content with the viewer (LISTENER).....don't get to wet! *****