Acoustic Guitar Instrument Care & Repair

Description This is a site with lots of great information on instrument care and repair. Most of the information provided is reinforced with photos.
Posted By Richard Lewis (351)
Directory Hands-On: Repair Tips
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Member Reviews

On 8/12/2002, Jason Vickers (1415) posted:
Overall Rating: is a pretty comprehensive informational site on guitar care. There are some nice photos illustrating virtually everything the author talks about. The "owners manual" covers virtually everything you need to know...
On 1/3/2001, Tim Ball (2060) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not the easiest place to navigate, but full of useful information on keeping your instrument well-maintained.
On 8/31/2000, Tony Cekolin (282) posted:
Overall Rating:
Having photographs to go along with the explanations for things like changing strings helps a lot!. I as very impressed with the amount of content on the site as well as the quality of the content. My favorite part of the site has to be the photo illustrations though.
On 3/10/2000, Pauline Leland (604) posted:
Overall Rating:
Lots and lots of information, especially for a beginner like me. Some tips contradict things I've read elsewhere, maybe even at WholeNote?, such as advising against a good tug on new strings to get the stretch out of them. Read why. In fact, he has the most thorough and useful descriptions of how to restring a guitar I've seen. And I'll NEVER leave my guitar in a closed car in the summer, even just for a minute, after seeing his horror pics.

BTW, this is the second set of reviews of FRETS.COM. Check out Nov & Dec '99. I'd give credit but I forgot to write down their names.
On 3/9/2000, Richard Lewis (351) posted:
Overall Rating:
This site contains a great deal of useful information concerning guitar care and repair, far too much to list here. You will find the guitar care articles very informative. I think it will be a site that you will bookmark. On the main page, click on "Go to Big Index Page". Be sure to scroll down on the index page because there is a LOT of information indexed here. Click on the links, and off you go. This site is free, but you can purchase a CD-Rom if you wish. (I have no connection to the site). The site appears to be updated on a regular basis.